Thursday, August 1, 2013

The types of children I don't want to have

Tomorrow marks week 5 that I've been teaching children how to swim daily and guarding the brats every afternoon. Since spending loads of time with each of my classes, I've come to realize many things with children and their parents. 

I won't get into the amount of baby-ing I see. Don't want to go swimming? No worries, we'll try tomorrow *pulls child out of water* 


Legit as I'm teaching these children I catch myself so many times thinking/wishing to myself that I hope my children don't act a certain way or else I'll pull my hair out daily. 

Like this child. The child who is so painfully shy. No "hi, Sarah" when I acknowledge them. Nothing. I had no kid that who nine straight days when I said hi to her, just looked at me like I had 4 heads. And when you ask them a question like, hmmm, if they finished her 5 bobs. She did't answer. No shake of the head or nod. Zip. No shy children. 

The next type of child I sure do not want is the "oh, I can't do that" (open eyes under water, jump, floats) kid. Do you know how hard it is to teach a 5 year old to swim when they think they can't do certain things?! It's unbearable sometimes. And on the same note, where are children learning the phrase "can't do that" from anyways?

Oh, this child bugs me. The one who says "my mom/dad/grandma/friends cousins dad said I don't have to do (blank) if I don't want to." HAHA! Really? Well I don't to be in the cold water for 3 hours in the morning teaching but I have to anyways, so shhhh and do what I say. Kidding here, would never say that. But come on parents, don't say that to your child when my job is to teach them how to survive in the water. 

Granted, I do teach some pretty freakin good kids. The ones who listen, say hi and ask me how I am!!!! And aren't afraid to do something. Love them.

Only 3 more weeks. Hold on Sarah. 

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