Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Start of 3rd year.

I can't believe at almost 22 I'm getting nervous for classes to start up again. I mean I could always have a hard prof or fail my first class. But to be honest I'm most nervous to see what friends are in my first class today. I always need at least 1 close friend in my class. 

I'm starting my third year at university today. This time next year I'll be going into my final year! And that's crazy to think how fast time went. This is the start of the end...in a way. Or maybe I'm just being dramatic. 

Summer was great. Went by fast as always. I had a good one. I loved my lifeguarding job that was from 9-5pm because I felt like I had a life. Alex and I spent a lot of time together and grew so much. I got an awesome tan that will be gone in 3 weeks.  I ran a lot with the Running Room which has turned me into a crazy runner girl with awesome leg muscles now! 

But I am ready to get classes started. As much as people tell me not to say this, I cannot wait for school to be done for good and just work. To have my own classroom and be called Ms.Hannon.

So excited. 

So heres to a great school year. Heres to learning so much more about children and how to teach them the best way. And heres to another summer gone. You were good '13.
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