Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Right On Point

I feel the need to self-five myself and high ten to Alex this past week. 

Self five because my paleo eating and workouts were right on point this week and he gets a high ten because he's mister healthy eating (picking up nuts instead of chips while watching tv) and going to the gym at least 3x a week doing weights/running and bootcamps. This is not the boy I knew a year a go, weeks into quitting social smoking and not caring what he puts into his body. 

Me and paleo are going great, I ate like a pig on Easter and felt it ever so much on Tuesday, it's amazing how much my body reacts to eating poorly. I'm sorry body for hurting you. And so I made a choice to clean up my intake of food as I was feeling sick on the toilet (tmi?!) Eating 2-3 servings of veggies and less natural dried fruits. 

Since school is out (for a little while) if I'm not at work, it's gym time. This past week I've been doing 2 classes back to back a few times a week like I did on Thursday where I ran 5km then bodypump after. I'm oh so sore the days after but It helps me meet my goal of burning 2,000+ calories a week. 

I've got goals for myself, my friends. Can't wait to see where a lot of dedication takes me.

Share with me--how do you know when you're treating your body good? Skin clearer? Happier? Tell. 

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