Monday, May 5, 2014

On becoming friends with your parents

I had great parents (still do!) growing up, in my non-parent eyes they had that whole parenting thing down pat. They were strict with rules and truly wanted me to become a responsible adult who is kind, loving and thoughtful (among other things.)

Another reason why they rocked was because they were my parents growing up-not my friend. 

They didn't care if they were strict about bed times and other parents weren't and I told them so-and-so's parents let her do this. Good for her, they'd say. Going to bed at the same time everyday taught me time management. That you need a proper amount of sleep and don't have an unlimited time limit each day but that you schedule to fit everything in. Hello, that's me now. Planner.

They didn't care if I was "sick" and needed to stay home (let's be honest, I was good enough to go to school and just was being lazy)  because when we stayed home from school on the rare occasion, we were in bed all day. No resting while watching tv or doing errands with mom. In bed, resting. That's pretty boring and I know now why they made that rule up. Smart moves 'rents.

I know some of family members have told me in the past that they thought my parents had it all wrong---that that they needed to be more friend like with their children and less authoritarian with my brother and I. 

Well, I'm glad my parents raised me in "we're the boss", "we said so" way and had rules and structure for us. 

I realized this weekend as us 3 spent the weekend across the border shopping that I like hanging out with my parents. A whole day laughing and bonding like friends would and do. I find that pretty neat-to go from not friend like and now considering them my friends. 

And I know if you asked them, it's a nice reward to. 

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