Thursday, May 8, 2014

Self time out

On Thursdays it's bodypump at 10am for me. I love thursday because I don't have class and work is much later in the day so I've got the time do to a class and a run or sometimes spin class if I'm feeling super energetic. 

 I typically don't have a day in the week to rest, if I have the time then I'll workout. 

But I'm planning not to do anything today. No short run, no bootcamp. Just rest. Because I'm giving myself a time out.

A time out simply because I'm feeling that burnt out feeling again. Feeling like I never have the time to put my feet up and just rest. Waking up at 5:40am, gym, class, home, off to work till 10pm and all over again the next day. 

It feels good so far. Woke up a little after 9 (ahh 9 hours of sleep), sipped my coffee slowly and made an apple pie smoothie for breakfast and focusing the rest of the day on an essay. 

As much as I love working out and being healthy with food, it's so important to listen to your body. If it says no workout today, I need to rest, then do that. Easier said than done, as much as I want to go to the gym right now-I know my body will crush it tomorrow at 6:30am when bootcamp begins so thats worth it to me.

How do you know your body is at it's limit and needs to rest? 

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