Tuesday, December 31, 2013

See ya, 2013.

End of the year post and reviews are my favourite posts to read. They never get old and I lurve looking back on everyone's year and remembering when such and such happened. 

For me and my family, 2013 was much better than 2012. I hope it continues that way. 

In January, my mom started radiation for her breast cancer. We were glad Chemo was over but nervous what radiation would do. Alex and I celebrated 6 months of dating. It's amazing-we thought we had our relationship at that time down pat, and really knew each other---growing is good. 

February, with it being cold was tough. This is when my Grandpa Hannon's health went down hill. Just couldn't kick a bacterial infection and he was in and out of the hospital for a good 3 months. Add in thinking he was going to go, the second month of 2013 wasn't good to us.  I also ran my 2nd half marathon in 2:07! 

In March, I turned 21 which felt great. And the weather turned nice--finally! I hit another running rut (again) (they happen) 

April was amazing--month of vacations  Karen and I went to Punta Cana for a week and Alex and I went away to Niagara Falls on our first trip away together. And I finished my 2nd year of school. 2 down 2 together. 

The year of weddings started in May, my brother childhood best friend and his girlfriend of 6 years got married. That was sweet. After looking at vacation pictures I got depressed with how I let my body and weight get.  I also got into golf during May---thanks to Alex. 

In June-we thought we were going to lose Grandpa Hannon. I was called home from school to say my good bye's, thankfully he made it and hasn't been in the hospital since. In the middle of the month, cancer had been around for a year. To make June happier, I did Colour Me Rad run (everyone should do it!) 

Best part of July was celebrating 1 year with Alex! 

August taught me life lessons about true friendships. I realized who was true and who is fake around me and people who bring toxins into my life. 

Summer was over and 3rd year started in September. It was also the time I shared my own fears about my mom heading back to work and the cancer.  Best part-Karen got engaged! 

October was a fun month, pumpkin patches and a 1:57 half marathon and joining the YMCA.

November was stressful! School was no joke and I felt that I had way to much on my hands/on the go

Lastly, December brought food changes as I joined the Paleo diet and started cooking more healthy meals.

I can't wait for 2014. So excited for things that are coming up and things we don't know about at this moment. 
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